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  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Farm Mutual Foundation profoundly for this scholarship. Your continued support in my academic journey will forever be appreciated.

  • Thank you very much for the Scholarship of $1,000! Please pass on my sincere appreciation to The Board of The Farm Mutual Foundation. The funds will certainly help with this year's university expenses!

  • Thank you for the email and the great news of being approved for a scholarship from FMRP. I am very grateful for the company's generosity and support.

  • Thank-you for the scholarship award, it will be a great help toward this year's expenses.

  • Thank you so much for choosing me as a recipient.

  • Thank you again for the opportunity and generous scholarship from Farm Mutual.

  • Excellent! Thank you very much once again.

  • Thank you very much for the $1000 scholarship, it was well appreciated and will be of much use.

  • Thank you for your generosity in providing me with a scholarship. Education is so important to me and I am very grateful as the scholarship will help me to pay for this.

  • Thank you very much for the scholarship. This money will greatly assist me as I continue to pursue my kinesiology undergraduate studies, and in the future, graduate studies.

  • I am very honoured to have received the Farm Mutual Foundation Scholarship and would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you. Your generosity has made a world of difference in my pursuit in the agri-business industry and will not be forgotten.

  • Thanks you so much for the scholarship. This will be a huge help.

  • I would like to thank you very much for selecting me for one of the scholarships for 2013. I would also like to extend my appreciation to FMRP for making the scholarship possible. I was absolutely thrilled upon receiving it, and the peace of mind it has provided by reducing some of my financial burdens. I really am grateful for this assistance.

  • Thank you so much for the scholarship approval!

  • I would like to thank the Farm Mutual Foundation for the generous contribution towards my studies. The Foundation's support is greatly appreciated.

  • I want to thank the Farm Mutual Foundation for the scholarship. It is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use.

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Scholarship Program

Farm Mutual Re is proud to be the sponsor of the Farm Mutual Foundation, incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act as a non-profit organization which will, in general terms, provide scholarships to students whose parents or guardians are employed within the "Farm Mutual" system. The Foundation will appeal to those individuals who work within the Mutual system who have sons or daughters who are currently or will soon be enrolled in post secondary educational institutions.

Students will be asked to complete an application form made available through the Scholarship Application.  A brief essay (approximately 750 words) must be included with the application.

Rules and conditions are outlined in the application form. All applications must be signed by the manager of the affiliate organization.

For more information, please email:

Who Qualifies for Scholarships?

Sons and daughters of:

Staff, Directors or Exclusive Agents of voting and participating Members of the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc. In addition, applications may be received from sons and daughters of staff of the following organizations:

  • Farm Mutual Re
  • Ontario Mutual Insurance Association (OMIA)
  • Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (CAMIC)
  • Maritime Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (MAMIC)
  • United General Insurance Company

Applications, conditions and instructions are available on the Scholarship Application form. All companies with eligible applicants will be notified by email and fax.

The Directors of the Foundation are very excited about this undertaking. We feel educational assistance will support development within communities and help students reach their personal goals by improving their life skills.

Download 2017 Application

If you have any difficulties downloading or opening the application, please contact Elizabeth Baker.